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Let's collaborate to turn your ideas into captivating visuals that inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impact. Explore our portfolio and let's embark on this creative journey together.


This is our First Short Film

Tasha doubts the loyalty of her boyfriend Ryan. She suspects him of infidelity. Ryan gets to know about this and tries to prove his loyalty in a cunning and manipulative manner. Things fail to go as planned.


This is our Second Short Film

Alison’s brother is sick. Alison gives him some pills but she feels that he needs more medication. She decides to go to the pharmacy to get some medicine. It is 8 in the evening. Alison boards a motorbike to the pharmacy. She is not sure about the location of the pharmacy but the motorbike rider directs her. She alights from the motorbike and pays her fare. The motorbike rider insists on getting her contact number. Alison does not resist. She gives him. The rider leaves and Alison walks towards where the rider directed her. Her phone rings. It is the rider calling. Alison is confused. Before she picks the call, four men appear in front of her. They snatch her phone from her and run away. Alison is terrified and confused. She runs away recklessly. She bumps into a policeman who arrests her for being out at night. He sits her with other already arrested criminals. Alison makes a friend within the arrested. Her name is Maya. Maya bribes the policeman to release her together with Alison. Maya convinces Alison to stay at her place for the night so that she can leave the following morning since it is already too late and risky. Alison gives in. They arrive at Maya’s place. Maya leaves Alison and claims to go pick something from her neighbor. A few moments later, there is a crazy knock at the door of the room where Alison is. Alison senses some danger and escapes by jumping through the window all the way from third floor to the ground. A man named Tony invades the room but he fails to find Alison. He is so disappointed in Maya, his dealer. Alison’s leg get hurt from jumping. As she walks in the street, she bumps into Mike, a stranger. Mike introduces himself and Alison recalls him. He is her former classmate. Mike offers to house Alison for the night due to her situation. At Mike’s house, Alison asks to use the washroom. As soon as she enters the washroom, she sees blood and human bones. She freezes. She tries to run away but she is too late. Mike is just behind her. He attacks her. Alison fights back and wins. She calls her brother Alex to come and rescue her. Alex arrives on a motorbike and rescues her. The story ends.


This is our Third Short Film

The story begins with a reporter reporting news on TV. The news is about commemoration of loved ones that were lost to the post election violence in Kenya in the year 2007. Reporter Victoria on TV goes, “We recall a man who was ambushed by a fierce mob as he was trying to look for his daughter who went missing after a stampede caused by gunshot sounds in their village.” As the reporter on TV continues reporting the news, Juma, a 57-year-old man, suddenly wakes up from his sleep and coughs. He is the victim being refered to in the news. He is in pain. His son, who sits on the opposite side, reacts by running to him. The son is scared and confused. His name is Abel. Through a voice-over, Juma reveals that the pain keeps coming back. He asks Abel for water. Abel hands him a glass of water but he can barely hold it. It slips from his hand and falls to the floor. It breaks into pieces. Abel is worried. Juma asks for a pen and paper to write on. Abel hands him a pen but it fails to write just before Juma finishes writing the first word. Abel finds another pen. Juma starts writing. In his letter, Juma reveals some secrets about his current condition of sickness through a voice over. It was his fault that his daughter died. He failed to lock the door as usual before he left for work that day of the stampede. Juma regrets it. He urges Kenyans to use his story as lesson. He reveals the price (the consequences) of violence – that it leads us into such situations. He urges Kenyans to maintain peace especially during election periods. As soon as he finishes writing the last word, Juma collapses and passes on. Abel cannot believe it. He sobs. The Director calls ‘cut’. It is a film within a film. The Director proceeds to emphasize on the message of the story – that we can manage and mitigate such a disaster (war/violence) by creation of awareness among the public and also by educating the masses.


This is our Fourth Short Film

Tasha doubts the loyalty of her boyfriend Ryan. She suspects him of infidelity. Ryan gets to know about this and tries to prove his loyalty in a cunning and manipulative manner. Things fail to go as planned.


This is our Fifth Short Film

This is a mysterious story about a college boy who gets in a trap – unknowingly, he is pulled into a cult by some notorious college mates. He struggles to find a way out. In the process, he gets into great trouble.


This is our Sixth Short Film

Rama na Ulia is a Swahili parody of Romeo and Juliet. Julia leaves Rama because he is broke. She goes for a rich guy. Guess what happens?


This is our Seventh Short Film

This is a story about the life of a homely college boy. He goes through a lot before he learns life and gathers courage.


This is our Eighth Short Film

A campus boy abuses drugs for the first time. He gets in trouble.


This is our Nineth Short Film

A college boy goes to the extreme in finding solid evidence of his cheating girlfriend.


This is our Tenth Short Film

This is a short horror film. A young girl aged 21 is home alone. Her sister has gone shopping at the mall. She hears a voice call her name. She cannot see the source of the voice. She is scared and calls her brother. She does not know where he is. He promises to arrive quickly to check on her. She then calls her father. Her father seems familiar with the situation. He warns her to avoid responding to the voice whenever it calls her name and he is coming home quickly. Her brother arrives before her father. Her brother does not see anything strange. The creature attacks just before her father arrives. Her father gets rid of the creature in a very weird manner. The girl demands an explanation. Her father explains it to them.


This is our Eleventh Short Film

This film advocates against drug and substance abuse among college students. A college drug addict boy gets into trouble caused by his drug abusive behavior. See how he lives through.

This is our Twelfth Short Film

A college lecturer mistreats his students. The students demonstrate, leading to sacking of the lecturer from his job.m of infidelity. Ryan gets to know about this and tries to prove his loyalty in a cunning and manipulative manner. Things fail to go as planned.


This is our Thirteenth Short Film

n a season of drought, a dying mother needs water to swallow her medicinal pills. Her daughter pities her, so she goes on a journey to hunt for water for her sick mother. She ends up being raped out of her desperation for water.

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